We offer more than ten different massage modalities….

We used pure coconut cream for all our massages and use Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil (Hypoallergic & Fragrance free) for customers who prefer oil over cream. We also offer the Sacred Earth Hypoallergenic and Nut Free Massage cream as a substitute at no cost upon request. Please advise us in advance if you believe you might be allergic to coconut oil products.

Outside Massage Oil/Cream Policy: We do NOT accept outside oil/cream or lotions! Massage oil is a tool, and we prefer to work with our familiar oils that have a specific consistency and flow. The oil/cream we supply at the spa has been tested over the years to be safe and easy to use. Some of our therapists have sensitivities and allergies to various scents or ingredients so we prefer not to use products brought in by clients.

No Cannabis products that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are allowed at our facility.